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To take your first step in joining the Montessori Consortium of the Great Lakes, please fill out the application form below. Following receipt of your application fee, a consortium staff member will be in contact to begin a membership conversation. Application fees are non-refundable.

Questions? Check out the consortium FAQ or submit a question online.

Member Information
If applying as an organization (e.g., school) this is your organization's name. If applying as an Individual, this is your name.
Mailing Address
Mailing Address
Primary Contact Person
Please indicate who within your organization will be the primary contact person for consortium communications.
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Primary Contact Name
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Primary Contact Phone
Following form submission you will be given a link to pay the application fee online.
School Composition
If you are applying as a school, please indicate your school's enrollment and educational offerings.
Ages Served
Reason For Joining
In 1 to 2 paragraphs, please share why you would like to join the consortium.
Accreditations, Memberships, and Credentials
For school applicants, please list the status of all school accreditations and memberships. For individual applicants, please list all Montessori training, credentials, and Montessori teaching/administration experience.