Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What benefits are there to being a member of the consortium?
There are four membership levels in the the consortium: Full, Associate, Individual, and Partner.

In addition to the direct benefits listed in the table below, your membership promotes the visibility of Montessori education through engagement with teacher education programs as well as the production and dissemination of research within Montessori environments.

Q: What is the process for becoming a member?
Step One: Submit an online membership request and application fee ($50 for individuals, $150 for organizations; application fees are non-refundable).
Step TwoYour request will be reviewed and your school will be contacted to schedule a visit by a consortium representative.
Step ThreeIf your membership request is approved, submit dues payment.
Step Four: Following receipt of dues payment, an official letter of acceptance will be mailed.

Q: What is the process for renewal?
In December of each year, renewal requests are mailed (electronic or hard copy, depending on preference selected on membership application). In the case of a lapsed membership, payment of the current application fee will be required to rejoin the consortium.

Q: Is my organization required to participate in research projects?
No; however, one of the primary purposes of the consortium is to promote Montessori education through the production and dissemination of peer-reviewed research. Therefore, member organizations are strongly encouraged to assist with research projects whenever possible.

Q: What is the Spring Planning Meeting?
Each Spring, members of the consortium are invited to gather and decide what the focus of the following year will be for regularly scheduled public consortium events and to propose special event sessions. The meeting is a half-day event and attendance costs (i.e., meals and meeting materials) for one person are included as a benefit of consortium membership.

Q: Our membership includes consulting benefits. How does my organization redeem them?
To schedule a consultation, fill out and submit the online Consulting Request Form. If you would like to discuss your need before filling out a Consulting Request Form you can submit a request to speak with a consortium representative.

Q: How much does consulting cost?
Consulting fees vary depending on the nature of the request. Typically, they range between $55 - $95 per hour. To see biographical information for regularly available consultants, click here.

Q: How can I become a Montessori Consortium consultant?
Faculty and staff of member schools – as well as persons who are "Individual" members – are eligible to apply to become a consortium consultant and be listed on the consortium's website.