MCGL Montessori Training Grant Program

Through funding provided by the Community Foundation of Elkhart County (CFEC), the Montessori Consortium of the Great Lakes (MCGL) is currently offering grants to support Montessori training at the Primary level.

General Eligibility Guidelines

  • B.A. or B.S. completed (or scheduled to be completed) by start of training

    • Note: Under special circumstances, applicants who have completed an A.A. in Early Childhood Education will be considered.

  • Commitment to serving two years within an early childhood education environment established in Elkhart County after January 1, 2020

    • See below for more information regarding service requirement.

  • Planned enrollment in an MCGL-approved Montessori Training Program

Application Process

  • Step One: Submit an online application form

  • Step Two: Interview

  • Step Three: Submission of documentation for verification

    • College/University transcript

    • Criminal background check

    • Contact information for three (3) references

  • Step Four: Sign Elkhart County Service Agreement

Applications will be evaluated on an ongoing basis until grant funds have been exhausted. Within ten (10) business days of completing Step Two, you will receive notification of preliminary acceptance/rejection. If accepted into the program, you will be required to submit supporting documentation for verification prior to signing the Elkhart County Service Agreement.

Elkhart County Service Requirement

The goal of the MCGL Montessori Training Grant Program is to reduce the acute shortage of early childhood educators and increase the number of early childhood education options in Elkhart County.

Recipients of training grant funds have four (4) years after finishing training to complete two (2) years of service within an early childhood education environment established in Elkhart County after January 1, 2020.

  • The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that CFEC grant funds result in expanding early childhood education opportunities within the CFEC’s geographic footprint.

  • Failure to complete training within two (2) years of receiving grant funds will result in an obligation to fully repay grant funds.

  • Failure to complete the required term of service will result in an obligation to repay a prorated amount of grant funds.

    • E.g., If only one year of service is completed, the recipient must repay 50% of the grant.